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Feras Naser provides incredibly novel solutions to the transport industry, in recent years he started to focus on technologies that emerge as a result of the global transport connectivity.  


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Feras Naser is the founder of group, a large group of many innovation driven startups, as one of his core areas of expertise is transport. Feras is a civil engineer with a master degrees in MSc in railway systems. Feras is responsible for many transport  novel solutions, including his voice enabled hand held inspection device (inspectro). Feras do publish frequently on various transport topics, recently he has published on the potential use of blockchain technologies  in railway applications. 

Feras recent research and consultancy work is about building novel transport solution and exploring recent advances in science and technology. This include wide range of domains including the usage of machine learning in railway applications, the possibility of using drones for delivery within cities, changes in micro-mobility and remote working environments. Feras has special interest in understanding the relations of transport history data and TRUST. Also, he has a special interest in providing new models of funding for public infrastructure through the exploitation of transport data. Specifically the usage of transport data to provide trust services. 

Feras is considered one of the most knowledgeable railway systems consultants in the middle east region, he brings great experience in developing novel systems and building agile teams. He is responsible for the development of hack sprint methodology.  


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